Recent Work

  • industrial rubbish by Janis Read-Walters
  • Ball Hockey Shadows by Laurie Minor
  • Pensive by payomadrid
  • The Colors of Happiness by payomadrid
  • Is that a challenge?! by Tamara  Kaylor
  • Elevated view by awefaul
  • I Got Sunshine...On A Cloudy Day by Betty Northcutt
  • Lemongrass Reflection by Tamara  Kaylor
  • On the edge by awefaul
  • The Bride and Groom - Wedding, London. by DonDavisUK
  • Pinkies by patcheah
  • Enter The Dragons.... by Laurie Minor

About This Group

Greetings All,

Welcome to the Happy Snappy Selective Coloring Collective, a group dedicated to the art of “Selectively coloring” photographs to make particular parts of the image stand out.

We have a sister group Selective Coloring which is is dedicated more to the more serious photo’s we tend to take. Those Photos which we have shed blood and tears, putting together to take the perfect shot and then an eternity of blissfully lost creative time making the image just so.

With this group We had the idea that even though the above is SOOO much fun, we do tend to sometimes just take out our weapons and point them and SNAP away merrily, just enjoying the freedom to capture those little moments and sometimes big moments that cross out paths.

Having done that does not stop us from tweaking and fiddling with the final picture and well, no one ever said a Happy Snap could not be selectively colored.

So there are only TWO rules for our group.

1. The image has to be a Snap Shot (i.e. a photograph),
2. It has to be Selectively Colored

See the group rules and join this group here

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