Hand Drawn or Painted Art of Happiness or Joy

This group is for any drawing or painting that includes happiness in any form.

Recent Work

  • River Moods by Karen Ilari
  • Bella Bugs by Angel Ray
  • Potato field by kseniako
  • S. Ontario Farm Country (Canada) by bevmorgan
  • Irises in aqua by Stella  Shube As
  • Brilliant Blues, Reds, Pinks and Greens by Angela Gannicott
  • Earth Lilies by Angel Ray
  • 'Tree of Life' Acrylic Painting by Lisafrancesjudd
  • Deep Sea Bubbles by Angel Ray
  • Northwest Native Influence on Butterfly by Jennifer Ingram
  • Comic Book on Steroids by Charldia
  • Family Outing by Karen Ilari

About This Group

In this group you can add any hand drawn or painted art that is about happiness or joy. This could be, in portraits anyone smiling or caring for another, in landscapes it could be a sunlit painting or any landscape that brings joy or happiness. It could also just be happy warm colours. It could also be flowers. Any painting that brings joy. No dark, gloomy or saddness in the work. Animals can also be included as long as the animal shows calm behavior.

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