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The Flapper The Jazz Age

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The Challenge

They had a look, and their hair helped define it. Let’s see your flapper hairstyle!
Its all about the hair!

The flapper, whose antics were immortalized in the cartoons of John Held Jr., was the heroine of the Jazz Age. With short hair and a short skirt, with turned-down hose and powdered knees – the flapper must have seemed to her mother (the gentle Gibson girl of an earlier generation) like a rebel. No longer confined to home and tradition, the typical flapper was a young women who was often thought of as a little fast and maybe even a little brazen. Mostly, the flapper offended the older generation because she defied conventions of acceptable feminine behavior. The flapper was “modern.” Traditionally, women’s hair had always been worn long. The flapper wore it short, or bobbed. She used make-up (which she might well apply in public). And the flapper wore baggy dresses which often exposed her arms as well as her legs from the knees down. However, flappers did more than symbolize a revolution in fashion and mores – they embodied the modern spirit of the Jazz Age.

Judging / Voting Criteria

look for the best flapper style and vote!

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The Top Ten

Pin Up Queen by lisabella

Pin Up Queen by lisabella was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 2 votes.

  • Nyree Song Bird by shhevaun
  • Voluted II by Ivy Izzard
  • Girls Night Out by nancy salamouny
  • Hope 6 by Sharon Robertson
  • Quetzalcoatl by Kseniya Beliaeva
  • The Twenties Look by Virginia McGowan

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