A Group To Share Your Hair!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Santa's Summer by phil decocco
  • The Beard by Hedvig Sjöström
  • red riding hood by ururuty
  • Dancin' by phil decocco
  • Tropical Night by Burcu Korkmazyurek
  • Botanical Night by Burcu Korkmazyurek
  • Browser by phil decocco
  • She Creeps in Her Own Shadows by Jennifer Rhoades
  • Dreaming by Gerard Rotse
  • Attitude by Hedvig Sjöström
  • rise II by ururuty
  • Inktober 2016 Rusalkas by Karolina Wegrzyn

About This Group

Here Is A Group Dedicated To All Hairstyles!!!!!!!!!
Short, Long, Wavy, Layered, Colored, Natural, Curly, Braids, Pigtails, Spikey or Straight!
Show Us Your Style or The Styles Of Other You Capture!!!!
Have Fun and share the style :)

If the NSFW filter is not on your sexually explicit images it will be removed immediately!

No Porn or Porn related images which violate Redbubble’s policy are allowed, this is a space dedicated to HAIR & STYLE, not nudity.

Additionally, Nude content is not safe for workplace viewing. According to RedBubble they have a broad audience, including people who browse your work on their lunch break.

If you think your work may be too edgy for prime-time, check the appropriate box labeled “This content is not safe for workplace viewingto help people choose which content they see.

Remember, some subjects are always off-limits for RedBubble – if you’re unsure whether your work is appropriate, check the RB content guidelines. Thanks!

Remember that this group’s main focus should be the Hairstyle and the nude body distracts the attention from the Hair.

If this behavior continues you will be removed from this group as it gives a bad example to others that it is ok. If you already have being removed from this group once you will be welcome back if you supply images which accommodate this request.

The Hairstyle from the subjects head MUST be the Center of Attention in the picture or Art*
Tasteful Nudity is accepted given it has the NSFW filter on it. Nothing Pornographic or which violates the RedBubble rules. If we feel your work is pornographic or inappropriate it will be removed from the group.

S p o t l i g h t s


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We are looking forward to all of the featured Members Participation
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