Guinea Pigs Rabbits & Small Rodent Pets (**NO** images of Guinea Pig as a Delicacy or CARTOON like images,))

Please share your images of all cute and cuddly Guinea Pigs Rabbits & Small Pets. These can be your own pets or ones you see in Petting Zoos.

Recent Work

  • Zoo Keeper at Work by AnnDixon
  • Guinea Split by henartorinos
  • Two Hours Old by AnnDixon
  • Christmas Guinea Pig by Emma Kaufmann
  • Guinea Pig in the Fall by Emma Kaufmann
  • Dinner time! by Emme Gray
  • Cupcake with her Pepper & Kale Pumpkins by AnnDixon
  • Cupcake in the Pumpkins by AnnDixon
  • Black & White Dutch Rabbit with Soft Pink by Abigail Davidson
  • Cinders - Sister to Buttons by AnnDixon
  • Buttons & Cinders  by AnnDixon
  • New Hamster called Buttons by AnnDixon

About This Group

This group is for any works whether they are Photographs, Drawings or Journals about Guinea Pigs & Rabbits!

The only rule is that they include Guinea Pigs & Rabbits of an ethical nature; here in this group we are Guinea Pig & Rabbit lovers. Although I know in some countries sadly Guinea Pig is a delicacy we do not want to see images like that so please enter them into a more suitable group.

If you keep Guinea Pigs & Rabbits or are thinking of getting a Guinea Pig or Rabbit and ever need any advice please feel free to contact your main host (Michaela1991) and if I can help with anything I will try my best. I have grown up with Guinea Pigs & Rabbits and now have 11 Guinea Pigs and two Rabbits of my own so there isn’t much I haven’t come across when it comes to Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.
I show my Guinea Pigs and Rabbits and have been for 2 years now; some are ‘guide standard’ and some are ‘pets’. Even though I have ‘guide standard’ Guinea Pigs they are treated exactly the same and are my world! If you ever want to know if your furry friend is ‘guide standard’ or if you want to know what breeds of Guinea Pig are in your pet I am more than happy to help. I also keep a long-haired Guinea Pig which requires much more care than a smooth-haired because of the additional grooming required. So I can give some advice on the long-haired breeds too.

Anybody can join this group and add their Guinea Pig works. I will leave it a few months before I start doing features/challenges to allow the group to become established!
Thank you all for joining.
Michaela and Ann

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