3D Fractals and More (3 submissions per day MAX)

This group is for 3D fractals only! Made with programs such as Xenodream, Incendia, StructureSynth, Groboto, and Mandelbulb


  • Pyramid Mountain No 2 by Pam Amos
  • Nothing is Sacred! by vinmac
  • High St by vinmac
  • M3D:  Eyes of the Chameleon (UF1027) by barrowda
  • Walnut House by vinmac
  • Moscow State Circus by vinmac
  • Merchant City by vinmac
  • The Gift of Life by vinmac
  • Fish by Lemarly
  • Midsummer Night's Dream by rocamiadesign
  • M3D:  Midnight Blastoff (G1028) by barrowda
  • Return of Eagles by Lemarly
  • Incendia -- Ruby Gemstone Urn by Hypnogoddess
  • Thoroughfare by vinmac
  • The Nearest Door by vinmac
  • Forecourt by vinmac
  • M3D: The Dying of the Light (G1034) by barrowda
  • Hill of Diamond by Lemarly