! Artistry Group ! Limit 2/Day

Group Rules:

Artistry Group Rules

The focus and intent of this group is to present and promote high quality artistic images in any medium. Members are expected to participate (i.e. enter and vote) in challenges and message forums…the more the merrier!

No Safe Filter Images – No Nudity
No Images with Text and No Collages – I will except full size scarves with borders and text if artfully done!
No Poor Quality Images – Refer to the 5 C’s below.
No images that are only for sale as iPhone Cases or T-shirts
No Journals or Writings are accepted
No Snapshots/Straight Photos: This includes pictures/photos of a journalistic nature, people/family – refer to the definition below of artistry and commercial appeal.
No Poorly framed/composed Thumbnails. The subject/focal point of the image must be fully displayed in the thumbnail.
No Grunge or images of gators, lizards, snakes, bugs/insects and creepy crawly things as they have limited audience appeal and are generally considered more journalistic/scientific in appeal as opposed to fine art– there are plenty of other groups that will accept those.
Please do not submit a series of images of the same or similar subject – variety is best.
Host(s) receive the right to reject any images that are not considered artistic and of high quality without notification – WE KEEP THE BEST AND REJECT THE REST!

Members who continually submit works that do not meet the rules will be removed from the group…so be mindful of your submissions.

NOTE: Members who are inactive in the group or RB for 3 months or longer are removed from the group.

Artistry by definition is:
1. artistic ability: the creative ability and skill of an artist, or the expression of this
2. great skill: great ability and skill in doing something

Synonyms: creativity, skill, originality, talent, ability, artistic ability, skillfulness, imagination, invention, inventiveness

High Quality by definition in this group meets all of the following 5 C’s:
1. Composition – Images should have a good initial impact/impression, have a focal point/subject or main point of interest where the eye goes first and can flow easily throughout the work. For example, use of the rule of thirds. When viewing the image you can envision it hanging on a wall, in a gallery, art show or exhibit.
2. Creativity – The work clearly exhibits a degree of imagination, artistry and/or skill required to produce it. It generally will evoke some type of emotional response from a viewer, such as: awe, inspiration, respect, interest, visual appeal and even envy or desire to be able to create a work like it!
3. Contrast/Color – Regardless of the medium the images submitted should have excellent color saturation and contrast that enhances the composition. Images should not be too dark or too light, white balance should not be blown out.
4. Clarity – The main point of interest in the composition must be in focus. If the composition has a horizon in it, it should be level. The images should not have excessive noise/pixelation and for Redbubble display purposes your subject must be fully visible in the the thumbnail.
5. Commercial Appeal/Applicability – As the purpose of the RB site is to promote and sell artworks/products all images submitted to this group should have commercial appeal to a wide audience of buyers. I want works that appeal to buyers of fine art for exhibition, galleries and/or individual collectors as well as ones that could be mass produced for products such as calendars, cards and such. I.e. Works that folks would be willing and interested in buying/paying money for. When submitting works, be sure you have considered who your target audience is and if your work would appeal to a wide public audience/buyer.

I will only accept artistic images in any medium that have a wide audience appeal and a variety of commercial applications.

Welcome to the Artistry Group!