Graffiti, the visual art of the Hip Hop culture

Recent Work

  • Cos you're big in Japan... by MikeShort
  • Wildstyle Graffiti Tribute by Maestro Hazer
  • Ny Fat Cap Design by Maestro Hazer
  • Goat mural Graffiti detail on the textured wall by yurix
  • Ram mural graffity on the textured wall by yurix
  • Deer Graffiti mural  by yurix
  • For better for worse I just gotta have that bratwurst .... by MikeShort
  • Don Quixote rides again....? by MikeShort
  • Iconic Cap Grime Lab by Maestro Hazer
  • Ah!  by Valerie Rosen
  • Wildstyle Graffiti Digital Sketch by Maestro Hazer
  • Wildstyle Graffiti by Maestro Hazer

About This Group

In the 70s graffiti was about writing your name on walls, trains, buses. It was all about getting all city, getting fame at street level. As writers got more creative in the quest to outdo each other; the humble tag transformed into bigger and more artistic and complicated lettering until they had become full blown murals with accompanying images.

Graffiti spread around the world and now murals weren’t always simply a representation of the writer’s tag. The tag was now becoming the signature in the corner of the mural.

Today “street art” includes a wide range of mediums and techniques, but this group is all about traditional graffiti. . . Spray paint on walls, trains, buses etc.

Stencilling, paste-ups, murals (non graffiti) are all valid artforms, but there are already other groups here that celebrate these. This group is about spray paint, and hip hop culture visual art.

You may also be interested in the streetart group who encompass all forms of street art, not just specifically graffiti.

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