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Got Melanocortin-1?

A group for images or writing centered on people or animals with red (or aurburn, copper etc.) locks

Recent Work

  • Red Queen's Gambit by redqueenself
  • Aurora by MoonSpiral
  • DRESSMAKER by Barbara Cannon Art Studio
  • Her Name is 'Might-Have-Been' by Sean Phelan
  • Envolée by Auquier
  • Belle by Auquier
  • Ribs by PorcelainPoet
  • Red by PorcelainPoet
  • SUNNY by Barbara Cannon Art Studio
  • The Archer by MGBradford
  • Spring in your Step by redqueenself
  • Dance With Me by redqueenself

About This Group

There are so many different images of gorgeous gingers on redbubble and we felt they needed their own archive of redhead pictures and prose.
For people so often ostracized in society, they are still looked at with both awe and wonder – illustrated in the vast amount of carrot top photographs there are!
Anyone is welcome to join the group, whether you are a true ranga, chemically enhanced one, or just one of the thousands of fans!

See the group rules and join this group here