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Got Brains?

spreadin' the disease

Recent Work

  • Raar! Scary Pumpkin! by SimplyMrHill
  • Wear the Face of Death by SimplyMrHill
  • Night of the Living Raptor by SimplyMrHill
  • What's Your Favourite? by SimplyMrHill
  • Never Sleep Again... by SimplyMrHill
  • Monster is Watching.. by SimplyMrHill
  • Devilish Intentions by SimplyMrHill
  • The Archer by 126p13
  • Ex Paludem by Ingrid Susanne Bergø
  • Zombie Labs Logo [CoD WaW/ Black Ops/ Black Ops II] by Nemesis96
  • Woodbury Biters by 126p13
  • Atlanta Walkers by 126p13

About This Group

‘Got Brains?’ is a group dedicated entirely to Zombies.

A place where all us fans of the undead can post our zombie-related artwork.

Hungry for some Brains? Join our group!


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