"""""GORGEOUS FLOWER Cards (limit 3-per day)"""""


*Features - 01/10/2013 - Gorgeous Flower Cards*

EdsMum EdsMum 14703 posts

Perfumed and beautiful, these Gorgeous Flower Cards look great

A pleasure to present these gorgeous Cards for Features-

The Odd One Out
by Elaine Teague

Sweet Purple Orchid
by Rainy

dreaming of roses
by Teresa Pople

Nature's Art
by ©The Creative Minds

Peace is always beautiful
by Salmah MK LRPS

White Peony
by Anita Pollak

by Scott Mitchell

Soft White
by ElsT

Amethyst Sparkler
by ACampbell

Misty Morning Hollyhocks
by Diane Schuster

A Heartfelt Thankyou ….
by Sharon House

Hiding in the shade
by Agnes McGuinness

Well done, have a beautiful day everyone. Shirley

Celeste Mookherjee Celeste Mookhe... 12587 posts

Congratulations to all – really lovely selections!

Teresa Pople Teresa Pople 187 posts

Such a lovely selection. . .a big well done to all of the artists . . .x

EdsMum EdsMum 14703 posts

Thank you Celeste and Teresa for your continued support. Shirley

Sharon Brown Sharon Brown 2712 posts

Very nice Shirley…Well done to everyone

ElsT ElsT 61 posts

What a great selection

Elaine Teague Elaine Teague 1848 posts

Beautiful selection of flora Shirley. Congratulations everyone and thanks for including my work.

Jan  Tribe Jan Tribe 463 posts

Beautiful work! Congratulations to all work featured!

Diane Schuster Diane Schuster 1026 posts

Thanks so much for the wonderful feature and congrats to the rest of the featured artists!

Anita Pollak Anita Pollak 435 posts

What a beautiful collection of flower cards, Shirley! Congratulations to all the featured artists and thank you so much for including one of mine in this glorious group!

Carolyn Clark Carolyn Clark 555 posts

Great selections!!!!! Congratulations to All!!!!!!!!!

EdsMum EdsMum 14703 posts

Thank you to all you wonderful people for taking time to come on by. Shirley

Scott Mitchell Scott Mitchell 664 posts

Many thanks for this honor and congrats to all the other fantastic artists!!!

EdsMum EdsMum 14703 posts

Thank you Scott – Shirley