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Goldrush and Ghost Towns

All Art, Clothing & Writing Portraying Something Of Gold and Other Mining or Ghost Towns

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about 7 years ago by Vicki Pelham
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over 8 years ago by Neil
Comment Up date on Goldmine Tour
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In reference to the invited tour of a working goldmine at Inglewood in central Victoria Australia, I have been in touch with the mine manager, and due to unforseen circumstances (replacement of cables) the tour now looks like taking place hopefully next w

Comment Greetings and welcome
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As co-host of the Goldrush and Ghost Towns Group, I would like to give a very big warm welcome to our newest members….
frankc…..Neil Boucher…..Karon Melillo d’Vega…..Phil Thompson IPA…..Darren Stones…..blossom…..
Larry Davis….. and Cha

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almost 4 years ago by Tom Broderick IPA
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