Goldrush and Ghost Towns

All Art, Clothing & Writing Portraying Something Of Gold and Other Mining or Ghost Towns

Recent Work

  • Watch Your Driving! by Martha Sherman
  • Abandoned Shack in the Motherlode by Martha Sherman
  • Autumn in Jamieson, on the banks of the river, VIC Australia by Margaret Morgan (Watkins)
  • Bygone Train... by Tracie Louise
  • Subterranean Wonderland by Darryl Fowler
  • Golden Gully Glow by Michael Matthews
  • Walhalla  by Chris Chalk
  • Picture Window by Eric Glaser
  • The Potter's Shed - Hill End NSW Australia by Bev Woodman
  • In Memory of the Past - Hill End NSW by Bev Woodman
  • Renovator's Delight - Sofala, New South Wales by Marilyn Harris
  • Hut of Timber & Corrugated Iron - Tuena by Marilyn Harris

About This Group

I hope to form a community of people who may live in these areas
or have an interest in the fascinating History of the Gold Rush days. or Ghost Towns from Australia and other countries abroad.

The group would be for artwork, clothing and iPhone/iPad covers, portraying something of the many gold or Silver or other mining and or ghost towns in Australia and abroad and anything else relating to the Gold Rush era, including modern day theme parks of gold mining and ghost towns, andmaybe some images of some of the historical old buildings from that era,also hope to get some interesting writings etc perhaps with some

historical content.

I couldn’t resist giving this awesome piece of work a Home Page Feature..
“Starting Of What Could Be Riches” By Michael Gunterman

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