Going Coastal - (2 art per day)

A group for everything about the coastal areas of the world.


  • Ermoupoli - Syros /  Greece by Stavros
  • The last Rays of Sun in Marrawah by Imi Koetz
  • Serenity  by Mark Haynes Photography
  • Marrawah.......North West of Tasmania by Imi Koetz
  • Beach Beauty by debidabble
  • Departure by Bette Devine
  • Fireworks at the Fiesta del Carmen 3 by Ralph Goldsmith
  • Giant 's Causeway - Northern Ireland by Arie Koene
  • Glass Beach in panoramic view by vigor
  • The Sentinel by Les Boucher
  • Shapes shades and color by heechasky
  • Grey Crowned Crane by Gail Falcon
  • Don't be the one giving fear a leg to stand on. by Barbny
  • From Red to Blue by Ursula Rodgers
  • Building textures, India by indiafrank
  • Wild seas of Lands End. Cornwall by hans p olsen
  • Ancient Cliff Fortress - Elegug Stacks by Mark Haynes Photography
  • LOTS OF LAVA by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon