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Just Kidding (Izzy's Goat World)

Inspired by a silly goat

Recent Work

  • The Goat and the Leopard by EloiseArt
  • Teaching Baby to Climb. by Cynthia48
  • Horse at play after a jump or two  by Ajmdc
  • A Fuzzy Friend by strangecharmart
  • Goat by Deborah McGrath
  • Swiss Mountain Ibex by itchingink
  • The Apple Beggar by Martha Sherman
  • White Goat by itchingink
  • Do We Know You? by Deborah McGrath
  • Wait for us! by Deborah McGrath
  • White Kid Goat by Deborah McGrath
  • I'm taking a nap by Deborah McGrath

About This Group

Goats give you hours of entertainment with their farmyard antics. Just ask Izzy, my goat, who loves playing chasey with the ponies and dogs!!

Ever wanted one of these four legged lawnmowers?

Goats eat weeds and the seeds aren’t germinated once they pass through the other end. They also get into the places your other livestock can’t and eat those hard to reach weeds and grass. Their mouths are tough so they can eat prickly plants. Goats have 4 stomachs (ruminants) so they can digest fibrous plants. As all animals Goats need shelter and regular worming and vaccination. They live for 15-20 years and are very clever when it comes to getting out of small gaps in fences. Do some research and talk to some goat owners or breeders before buying one of your own. (and keep hanging that washing out).

Enjoy this group just for goats…we love them :))
Wether they be wild or pets we don’t care…we want to see them all!!!! :))

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Winning Feature Banner Photograph by Kristy Dorris

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