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The List of Lily Flowers Common Names - Updated Feb 13 2016

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Updated Feb 13 2016 – Magnolia denudata – Magnolia Lilytree, Corydiline stricta and others – Palm lily, Dianella tasmanica – Flax Lily
Updated Jan 27 2016 – Ixia Maculata – Spotted African Corn Lily
Update June 16 2015 with Polyanthus Tuberose – the Polyanthus Lily
Previous: April 3 2015 with Chocolate Lily and Hurricane Lily and Lycoris hybrids/species

Here’s our list of flowers in the Liliaceae family and flowers with Lily in the common name. If you would like to add flowers to the list, bmail me to make the update. Please include a referenced name from an internet search.

We use an official source for what is in the Liliaceae family. The master list is The Plant List (A working list of all plant species). This website is a collaboration of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Missouri Botanical Gardens. It is a working list of all known plant species. The goal is to classify plants based on relatedness through DNA testing. It is a most interesting website for anyone involved in botany, flowers and horticulture. This is the link to the site:

Here’s their working list of what’s included in Liliaceae family today:
1 Amana –
2 Calochortus – Mariposa lily
3 Cardiocrinum – Giant Himalyan Lily
4 Erythronium – Trout lily
5 Fritillaria – e.g. Checker lily
6 Gagea – e.g. Yellow star of Bethlehem
7 Lilium – e.g. martagon lily, Stargazer, Casablanca (oriental), Tiger lily, asiatics, longiflorum-asiatics (LAs), etc, etc
8 Lloydia – Alpine Lily
9 Medeola – Indian Cucumber Root
10 Nomocharis – Chinese Alpine lily
11 Notholirion –
12 Prosartes – Fairy Bells
13 Scollopus – Fetid Adder’s Tongue
14 Tulipa – Tulip
15 Zygadenus – Death Camas

Here is the current list of flowers with lily in the common name. Updated Apr 3 2015 with Chocolate Lily!

Common name – Botanical or equivalent name

African Lily – Agapanthus
Amazon Lily – Eucharis Lily
Angel’s Trumpet Lily – Brugmansia and Datura
Argentine Rainlily, pink rain lily, Brazilian Copper Lily – Habranthus robustus
Arum Lily – Zantedeschia aethiopica

Belladona Lily – Amaryllis or Hippeastrum
Blackberry Lily – Belamcanda chinensis
Blue Water Lily –Nymphaea capensis
Blue Water Lily, Blue Water Lily of the Nile – Lotus
Brazilian Lily – Alstroemeria
Bush Lily – Clivia

Calla Lily – Zantedeschia aethiopica
Canna Lily – Canna
Checker lily – Fritillaris affinis
Chinese Sacred Lily – Narcissus tazetta v. orientalis
Chocolate Lily – Dichopogon strictus (syn. Arthropodium strictum), whose flowers smell of chocolate
Chocolate Lily – Fritillaria biflora, with chocolate-brown flowers, in California
Chocolate Lily – Fritillaria camschatcensis (Kamchatka Fritillary), with chocolate-brown flowers, in Alaska
Chocolate Lily – Fritillaria lanceolata, also called rice-root, from western North America

Cluster Lily – Brodiaea
Crane Lily – Sprekelia, Bird of Paradise
Crinum Lily – Crinum
Cuban Lily – Scilla peruviana

Datura Lily – Datura
Day Lily – Hemerocallis
Desert Lily – Hesperocallis undulata

Easter Lily – Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Spring Lily – Erythronium albidum – white flowered dog-tooth violet
Eucharis Lily -Eucharis grandiflora

False Lily – False Solomon’s Seal – Maianthemum racemosum
Flag Lily – Iris Veriscolour, Liver Lily Blue Flag Lily
Flame Lily – Doryanthes excelsa
Flamingo Lily – Anthurium
Flax Lily – Dianella tasmanica
Fortnight Lily – Dietes, also known as African iris, Morea, Morea iris
Foxtail Lily – Eremurus
Fringe Lily – Thysanotus multiflorus

Grass Lily – Dichopogon strictus
Grass Lily – Star-of-Bethlehem, Ornithogalum umbellatum
Ginger Lily – Hedychium
Glory Lily – Gloriosa rothschildiana
Golden Spider Lily – Lycoris aurea
Guernsey Lily – Nerine bvowdenii
Gymea Lily – Doryanthes Excelsa

Hurricane Lily – Lycoris radiata

Impala Lily – Adenium multiflorum

Kaffir Lily – Schizostylis coccinea
Kaffir Lily – Clivia

Lent Lily – Narcissus pseudonarcissus
Lily Grass – Liriope
Lily Leek – Allium moly
Lily of the Nile – Agapanthus
Lily of the Valley – Convallaria
Lilyturf – Liriope muscari
Loddon Lily – Leucojum aestivum

Magnolia Lilytree – Magnolia denudata
Orange spider lily – Lycoris sanguinea

Painted Wood Lily – Trillium undulatum
Palm Lily – Corydiline stricta and others
Paradise Lily – Paradisea lusitanica
Peruvian Lily – Alstroemeria
Pineapple Lily – Eucomis
Pineapple Lily – Bromeliad
Plantain Lily – Hosta
Polyanthes Tuberose – Polyanthes Lily

Rain Lily – Zephyranthes Candida
Sacred Chinese Lily – Narcissus papyraceus – Paperwhite Narcissus
Sacred Narcotic Lily of the Nile – Lotus
Scarborough Lily – Cyrtanthus elatus
Sego Lily – Calochortus nuttallii
Snowdon Lily – Lloydia serotina – Gagea serotina – alplily
Spear Lily – Doryanthes excelsa
Spider Lily – Nerine
Spotted African Corn Lily – Ixia Maculata
Star Lily – Leucocrinum montanum
St. Bernard’s Lily – Anthericum liliago
Sting Lily – Blumenbachia hieronymi
Straw Lily – Sessile Bellwort, Uvularia Sessilifolia
Surprise Lily – Lycoris haywardii
Swamp Lily – Crinum americanum
Sword Lily – Gladiolus and Acidanthera

Torch Lily – Kniphofia
Triplet Lily – Brodieae, Iaxa, Ithuriel’s Spear
Trout Lily – Erythronium
Voodoo Lily – Dragon Arum
Water Lily – Nymphaeaceae
Whitsun Lily – Narcissus Poeticus
White Ginger Lily – Hyedychium coronarium
White Spider Lily – Lycoris albiflora
White Sun Lily – Narcissus Poeticus
White Trout Lily – Erythronium
Wood Lily – Various Trilliums

Yucca Lily – Yucca