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!Globes, Spheres and Curves!

  • Marriage by Heike Schenk Arena
  • King of Air by Lemarly
  • Trio > by John Schneider
  • Copper Sculpture in Morning Light by John Butler
  • Colourful Circles and patterns by walstraasart
  • Inner Sanctum by Bunny Clarke
  • Pull Me by sriarts
  • Peachy-Pink Rose After Rain by kathrynsgallery
  • Digital Mitosis 7 by Richard Maier
  • Abstract 5505 by Shulie1
  • Lilac And Ribbon Curls by Sandra Foster
  • Sharp Swirls by debidabble
  • The Sea's Magic(the description explains where the shells are from) by trueblvr
  • Zenia  by Melinda Potter
  • Agate by M. van Oostrum
  • Cream And Sugar by Sandra Foster
  • Abstract 5494 by Shulie1
  • "The only difference is the hood ornament" > by John Schneider