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Challenge Ideas and Suggestions!

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Any challenge ideas always gratefully accepted. So far, on the drawing board:-

  • Giraffes and Food
  • Horns and Bumpy Lumpy Heads!
  • Giraffe with Human (or part thereof!)
  • Those Eyes (Close Up)
  • Giraffes and Water
  • Your Fav Giraffe Pic
  • Those Expressive Lips!
  • Most Colourful Giraffe Pic
  • Blue Blue Background Sky
  • Silhouettes and Shadows
  • Taking Shelter
  • Big/Small – Giraffe with something much smaller
  • In Captivity
  • Giraffe Macro – Any Part
  • 3 or More Giraffes
  • Direct Eye Contact
  • In Conversation With…(those expressive faces!)
  • A Sitting Giraffe

…okays.. any more suggestions or ideas on those…feel free to hop in and have a say!

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Some suggestions:

Giraffes: Champions of the Surreal (Surreal works featuring and/or focusing on giraffes)
Urban Giraffes (Giraffes in an urban setting, style, or focus.)
Incognito: Giraffes in disguise.

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Giraffes in their natural inviremont, no man made objects, zoo’s, etc ?