Gimme Some Skin - Phone and iPad Covers

Group Rules:

1. Please only upload your very very best ORIGINAL designs.
2. Submissions are moderated.
3. Please abide by the RB rules.
4. Play nice, be supportive of other members.
5. We will not reply to emails disputing rejected work. They will be deleted unanswered.
6. By joining this group, you automatically give the hosts permission to use your artwork for banners, promotions, avatars, and challenges.
7. NO COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL allowed in this group!!
8. PLEASE leave your faith and politics out of this group – any image that is religiously themed or politically biased will be rejected.
9. This group is NOT moderated for submissions. Please ensure that your images are available as a phone skin and adhere to the highest standards.Continual group rule violations will result in your removal from the group. Please READ THE RULES BEFORE ADDING IMAGES!
The Management thanks you. :)

This group does not condone any images that depict hatred, any form of violence, racism, intolerance, guns, gangs, or anything depicting the harming of people or animals. And as far as nudity, make it tasteful – we don’t want any porn or anything disgusting – NO full frontal nudity (We do NOT want to see a vagina or a penis!). We do not tolerate discrimination in any way, shape or form, and will reject any artwork that is inflammatory towards race, creed, national origin, color, gender, or sexual orientation. Any violations of these rules WILL result in your immediate removal from the group without warning.