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group avatar challenge - june 2011

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

please submit your favourite piece of work from your portfolio. this could be something that you captured years ago, or a new image that you’re particularly proud of.

this is a great opportunity to showcase your work! apart from the chance of possibly being the group avatar, the winning image will also reside on the group homepage as a previous group avatar. we’d like to reach the point where the last 12 group avatars are on the group home page as this gives potential new members a glance at the standard of work the group has voted as the best! coupled with the weekly group features, the latest 12 submissions and a row of featured artists, our homepage will continually change but will always showcase the great talents in our group.

all types of work accepted although must be in the group to be in the challenge

note if you have an image that has previously been the group avatar, please do not enter that image into this challenge as it will be removed. we’re sure you’ve got another one in your portfolio that’s up for this challenge!

Judging / Voting Criteria

vote for the piece(s) of work that you feel best represents the politics, race, sexuality & culture group

Rewards & Prizes

the winning image will be the group avatar for the month of june 2011. additionally, when the image is replaced the following month, it will then take up a spot on the group homepage as a previous group avatar

in the event that there is more than one winning image, each of the winning images will share the avatar position for equal periods during the month. eg., if there are two winning images, each will be group avatar for half of the month

Additional Information

tips for ensuring your work is accepted into the challenge:
1. select the piece of work from your portfolio below and add it to the challenge
2. once your piece of work shows in the challenge below your portfolio, click on it and ensure it is in the group

note if the piece of work does not show in the group, it will be removed from the challenge without notice.

best of luck everyone!

Cover Image: 'Realist Boogie Man' Mask #3 by luvapples down...


The Top Ten

 It's Time by www dotcom

It's Time by www dotcom was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 1 vote.

  • Friends by Hans Bax
  • "Haiti 2010" by joshua bloch
  • The Elder by ☼Laughing Bones☾
  • The Good Life or Some Mummies Are Buried Alive by redqueenself

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