Generation Y

This group is for photographers of Generation Y (People born between 1979 - 1995) to step up and show the world what young photographers can achieve.


  • Cityhop Amsterdam by Noukka Signe
  • Kelpie Mate by Penny Kittel
  • Flicka & Clancy by Penny Kittel
  • Dark Steps by Penny Kittel
  • Shrovetide by homesick
  • Sunset Droughtmaster by Penny Kittel
  • The snail charmer by strawberries
  • Light Bird by Penny Kittel
  • The Hound of Winter by Jamie Alexander
  • Happy Basset by Madcowontherun
  • The woman in the seaweed by strawberries
  • If I wait any longer I might fall by strawberries
  • Wise Bros Flour Mills, Tocumwal by Natalie Ord
  • Melancholy Wild Child by strawberries
  • Streams of Squeaky Beach by Daniel Berends
  • Squeaky Beach Sunset by Daniel Berends
  • Whisky Bay Panorama by Daniel Berends