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Biotech Challenge

C.J. Jackson C.J. Jackson 64 posts

Hi Geeks!

Click here to head over to our challenge section and take part in our first challenge on the theme of Biotechnology. A copy of the T-shirt design Petrol pump is up for grabs as well as a spell as our new group avatar. If I can find out who to ask there might be some redbubble vouchers in it to so its well worth a shot. Also visit our forum if you want to join the biotech discussion, post any progress pictures or get feedback on your design, we the hosts will be happy to offer our support and opinions as I’m sure your fellow geeks will aswell.

I hope you all have the time to enter and good luck to those of you that do. You have 2 weeks from now to make your submission.

Chris and Adam
your geeky Hosts

C.J. Jackson C.J. Jackson 64 posts

After a little investigation it looks as though a redbubbble voucher will be possible so the pot is now something like $20 larger so get designing folks if you want the be on the recieving end of this!

C.J. Jackson C.J. Jackson 64 posts

Challenge cancelation :o(

Sadly our first challenge has not got off to a good start perhaps due to the choice of subject or maybe due to everyone being busy with other things. In light of this and the site wide Photoshop challenge no doubt diverting attension we have unfortunately decided to cancel it for the time being. Our appologies to the very few who entered but fear not as we will re-run a similar challenge in the near future when the uptake will be better so your time will not have been wasted. Challenge setting is a learning curve with a very new group so bear with us while we get it right.