The Goddess of the Earth - Earth as a Goddess - Earth Personified - Earth as a Whole.


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The Challenge

This challenge is about GAIA- how you see Gaia – Goddess of Earth, spiritual embodiment of earth or Goddess of all creation.
Many Neopagans actively worship Gaia. Beliefs regarding Gaia vary, ranging from the common Wiccan belief that Gaia is the Earth (or in some cases the spiritual embodiment of the earth, or the Goddess of the Earth), to the broader Neopagan belief that Gaia is the goddess of all creation, a Mother Goddess from which all other gods spring. Gaia is sometimes thought to embody the planets and the Earth, and sometimes thought to embody the entire universe. Worship of Gaia is varied, ranging from prostration to druidic ritual.

Unlike Zeus, a roving nomad god of the open sky, Gaia was manifest in enclosed spaces: the house, the courtyard, the womb, the cave. Her sacred animals are the serpent, the lunar bull, the pig, and bees. In her hand the narcotic poppy may be transmuted to a pomegranate

Judging / Voting Criteria

all artists should vote.

Rewards & Prizes

voucher and banners and honor and pleasure

Cover Image: Red by SelinaEM


The Top Ten

Earth Mother by Vanessa Barklay

Earth Mother by Vanessa Barklay was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Gaia by Mary Sedici
  • ENERGY by oneoftheclan
  • Mother Earth by Heather King
  • Womb by Cliff Vestergaard
  • Redwing Woman by carol selchert
  • The Naga (Never Let Me Go) by Lynsye Medalia
  • Jael (Skin & Stones series) by Amie Wilder
  • Because a Little Bird Told Me So... by Lea  Weikert
  • Terra by Barbara Glatzeder

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    Spring GAIA or Angel

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