Funny Kritters

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Keep the "Funny"...

mollymum mollymum 116 posts

Dear Members,

Just a reminder to keep your submissions limited to FUNNY animal shots. I love ALL your photos but the group is supposed to focus on the LOL so please try to keep that in mind. I know it is hard to recall all the specific rules of each group when adding work and I have had to reject a lot lately because it just wasn’t funny – even if it was a great photograph – so thought I would just put out a gentle reminder. I seem to be the only active host left in this group so I have to go through all the images myself so it would be much easier if I didn’t have to “reject” so many (I really hate having to do so)

Please try to keep the “Funny” in Funny Kritters!

For the more serious animal art, check out my other group Animal Fantasy & Whimsy

Lots of appreciation, your host,
Colleen Battistoni