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Full Moon Rising

Group Rules:


There must be an obvious connection to shapeshifters, or it won’t be approved.

We focus on the hybrid stage between humans and their other form: unless it’s blatantly clear that you’re dealing with a shapeshifter, works simply depicting humans, other animals, or anthropomorphs without the ability to shape change will be rejected. Hollywood’s Wolfman is about as human as we will accept.

NO vampires.

Written Works

1. Must have a character able to shift from human to animal, or vice versa. Their ability to do so doesn’t have to be the main focus of the story.

2. Fictional genres accepted: Contemporary Fantasy/Alternate History, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Scifi, Erotica, Horror and the all encompassing ‘Shapeshifters’. Poetry that is clearly shapeshifter focused may also be submitted.

3. Please don’t submit more than three works daily.

4. All submissions require host approval.

5. If your work isn’t approved, it’s due to there not being a clear connection to shapeshifters. Please contact a host if you feel that the non-acceptance of a piece is in error, and be prepared to explain what the work’s connection to shapeshifters is.

6. NO vampires!