Full Moon Rising

Home of the Shapeshifter

Recent Work

  • Hunter's Moon by redqueenself
  • The Moon Is Full Again by Zombie Rust
  • Lost Souls by tigressdragon
  • Finished by MrLone
  • Wolfman and Gwen by mattycarpets
  • " The Wolfman " poster by mattycarpets
  • Beastial Werewolf by mattycarpets
  • The Wolfman ( in colour) by mattycarpets
  • Even a man who is pure in heart... by mattycarpets
  • Love Gives Us Wings by redqueenself
  • Werewolves stal their prey...always ! by mattycarpets
  • Ultimate Wolfman by mattycarpets

About This Group


Whatever you call them, Full Moon Rising is the place where those who are cursed (or blessed, depending on your point of view) with the ability to change between human and beast can come out and play.

This is NOT a group for moon images – no images of the full moon or night time without shapeshifters will be accepted.

Any breed of were-creature is welcomed: werewolves, werecats, werebears, weresnakes and so forth.

The one exception is vampires that are able to change to bat or wolf (or any other type of animal). All vampires will be rejected, but they can find a home at Blood Red.

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designed by Sturstein

designed by Sturstein

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