Friends of Redbubble

for people who generously volunteer their time to the redbubble community


  • George Coombs

    Among Trees by George Coombs

    here among trees life
    in flowing fullness
    tall trunks silent sentinals
    of existence…bared
    branches gently baptized
    in holy rivers of wind…
    good to be with gentleness
    in light and shade
    new times …

    82 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    but still by Sybille Sterk

    brushed under the carpet
    another storm avoided
    the lighting and thunder
    travelled elsewhere
    but still

    93 words
  • JRGarland

    Rest Now My Love by JRGarland

    Rest now my love
    And dream the glorious dreams
    Whispers speak softly their magic
    As the touch electrifies the soul
    Sweet are the aromas
    As I breathe you in
    The bated breath of anticipation
    Awaits the satis…

    123 words
  • George Coombs

    Tick-Tock by George Coombs

    footsteps of time
    in vast
    by moment
    life lived in
    holy silence…
    for no need of
    time…all we existence
    hold in love and truth
    is &#…

    43 words
  • Susan Werby

    Catch A Dream by Susan Werby

    A momentary sojourn
    To gaze without thinking
    A mind empty
    As dreams rush near
    And then away again
    Like a tide’s casual ebb and flow

    Reverie, musings
    Effortless and ethereal
    For dreams are merely happ

    67 words
  • RC deWinter

    forsaking beauty by RC deWinter

    last night i set the table
    tired of sunday catch-as-catch-can
    threw on a cloth and some flowers
    ready for some beauty for breakfast

    105 words
  • George Coombs

    Moment After Rain by George Coombs

    after rain
    fresh air visits
    my room…
    a welcome friend…
    a gentle annointing…
    gulls hymn the
    new close and holy light
    a moment…this moment
    is all i truly have
    leaves adorned with jewels

    48 words
  • RC deWinter

    The Heiress's Tale by RC deWinter

    I never asked to be born rich.
    I never asked to be born at all.
    There – I know that sounds childish, whiny even.

    1245 words
  • George Coombs

    Sea Struggles by George Coombs

    sea struggles
    as mind unquiet
    with yearning…
    waves rise…crash down
    rushing inward
    white horsed yearning
    to be wild again.
    sea vast as existence…
    beyong distant horizon
    eternity waits…l…

    72 words
  • Rookwood Studio ©

    Believe by Rookwood Studio ©

    Jump like there’s no tomorrow,
    Jump like you can already fly,
    Feel the wind catch, and blow you so very high.

    63 words
  • Country  Pursuits

    A Soldier's Thoughts by Country Pursuits

    Out of the trenches
    Advance to their lines

    60 words
  • Kanages Ramesh

    Train by Kanages Ramesh

    Signal not falling, no destination was found
    Nor one stationed to run the programme;

    169 words
  • George Coombs

    Candlelight by George Coombs

    (for Mum)
    tremulous light
    messanger of light
    heralding greater
    dimension of celestial shining…
    alight for you
    dancing with angelic
    hosts…dearest mum
    so close here in
    alternative dimensional

    47 words
  • George Coombs

    Alone As A Child by George Coombs

    adrift in ever
    flowing river of life
    stranded in dark clutch
    yes…i sense him
    men touching my upper leg
    violation…cruel intrusion…
    hands where they shouldn’…

    57 words
  • Susan Werby

    Cell Phone Madness by Susan Werby

    A partial fence stands in the grasses, not barely enough to keep the powerful feline from stepping over or through or just around…
    With phantom movements, looking left and then right, he stalks

    135 words
  • RC deWinter

    bitter foam by RC deWinter

    back you come
    again and again
    washing into my world

    196 words
  • George Coombs

    Beautitudes by George Coombs

    blessed is waiting light
    filtered from the gentle veil
    illumining steps along the
    path of existence…
    years like leaves fall frail
    faltering…blessed be re-creation
    “behold i make all things new”…

    58 words
  • Sybille Sterk

    the longing by Sybille Sterk

    is always there
    and like the
    mermaid’s desire
    it’s a two edged sword
    and cuts me both ways

    113 words