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Scavenger Hunt

This challenge closed over 5 years ago.

The Challenge

Break out your binoculars and put on your get-down-to-business boots – we are sending you off on a Scavenger Hunt!

How does it work? We have given you a list of items below. Your creative artwork entry must contain at least two of these items and you may use any visual medium to create your Scavenger Hunt masterpiece.

The List

  1. an old shoe
  2. a single feather
  3. a pink crayon
  4. a marble
  5. a peg/clothespin
  6. a cinnamon stick
  7. fruit blossom
  8. a used postage stamp
  9. a spool of thread
  10. a tea bag
  11. 2 purple pencils
  12. a potato
  13. an egg
  14. a playing card
  15. an orange balloon
  16. a pair of ping pong paddles
  17. an umbrella
  18. a cowboy hat
  19. a picture frame
  20. an alarm clock
  21. a vintage camera
  22. a movie ticket
  23. a plastic fork
  24. pair of gumboots/galoshes
  25. a magic eight ball
  26. a skipping rope
  27. origami crane/s
  28. a sea shell
  29. a post it note
  30. a red sled
  31. a yellow rubber ducky
  32. a music record (you remember them don’t you?)
  33. a wooden spoon
  34. a lamp shade
  35. a banana

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote for the most creative entries and the entries who have managed to create something artistic using the most items.

Rewards & Prizes

Top ten entries as voted by you will receive a USD30 RedBubble voucher.

Eight images selected by your hosts will be featured on the homepage.

Additional Information

Art and t-shirts accepted.

Cover Image: in the end by Natalie Tyler


The Top Ten

wooden spoon and cinnamon by Clare Colins

wooden spoon and cinnamon by Clare Colins was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 16 votes.

  • Herbs and spices 3 by Lenka
  • A walk in the park by missmoneypenny
  • scavenger hunt: red sled, peg and stamp by nadine henley
  • Easter Vacation by Barbara  Brown
  • Cinnamon Sticks & Sea Shells by Barbara Ingersoll
  • Two sisters in pink by bubblehex08
  • Two Rubber Duckies and One Egg by Evita
  • Seashell and Gull Feather  by paintingsheep
  • The Contessa by Werner Padarin

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