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  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    Who Were The Giants, Mighty Men Of Old, and Men of Renown? by Stephen J. Va...

    I wrote this article to answer a question many viewer are emailing me about, which is, “what about the Nephilim. In my article entitled,” False Beliefs about Angels That Are Commonly Held

    1931 words
  • su2anne

    To abide by su2anne

    Quick sand now her only leveller.
    Every vein protrudes with the hope to escape…
    And from inside out she truly does that.

    141 words
  • su2anne

    The answer by su2anne

    What is “taking the time”
    A turn of phrase
    An action
    To reflect upon
    A concept
    To step outside oneself…
    And all the while time does pass
    And what is it one is left with

    38 words
  • SimplyRed

    As I sat upon this chair by SimplyRed

    RIP darling Sarah ….. Too young to fly on angels wings

    375 words
  • George Coombs

    The Blessing by George Coombs

    be safe,
    may your dark
    show friendship
    may your soul
    flower open to light
    by droplets
    of blessed water
    be safe
    always seek
    a path through
    the jungle
    find refuge
    in true seeking
    walk slowly
    feet shod with…

    42 words
  • George Coombs

    Refuge by George Coombs


    in this room
    gild my
    by stillness
    in gull hymned morning
    of the person
    calm and alone.
    into light
    where the mind
    walks a

    66 words
  • su2anne

    Just is by su2anne

    Wings beat to infinite patterns
    And with each pulse felt
    The unseen is clearly heard
    So listen still
    Wide open thus
    One becomes All…

    58 words
  • George Coombs

    Droplets Of Light by George Coombs

    droplets of light
    touch my eyes
    looking out
    this windswept
    sky heavy with rain…
    branches moving
    frantically yet…sense
    of calm beckoning
    come and look……

    light is often near
    good to have
    place to see…
    to fe

    47 words
  • George Coombs

    More Haikus by George Coombs

    raindrops jewel my
    window drops of light for the
    seeker of real truth

    barren skeletal
    tree by my window yearns
    so nobly upward

    soft breathing fur
    visiting cat feels safe
    to rest here with me

    George Coombs
    37 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    Secound Civil War for The U.S. by Stephen J. Va...

    It pain me to say it, but our country is at the edge of another civil war.
    651 words
  • George Coombs

    The Place by George Coombs

    Unearthly quiet. Naked trees yearning and vulnerable, Desolate, dying ground. Mysterious mist slowly envelopes all. Gently flowing river where the boat moves slow, delicate like a frightened child. A…

    68 words
  • SimplyRed

    Just us by SimplyRed

    I’m blessed for the years of memories that soothe my soul ….
    The happiness that has my eyes weeping with laughter ….
    The cherished moments of sharing such huge sadness that leaves our hearts stone col…

    176 words
  • George Coombs

    Mist by George Coombs

    mist draped gentle

    over skeletal trees…
    yearning upward
    seeking understanding
    a planting of the seed
    of knowledge…
    ground is carpeted
    with fallen leaves…
    quietly reverentially
    walking aware of
    anointing touch

    65 words
  • George Coombs

    The Mind by George Coombs

    the mind
    river tremulously
    ever outward
    in stillness
    clear seeing
    of higher self
    the perpetual
    truth seeker
    the mind is
    as the gull
    morning light
    on wind

    47 words
  • su2anne

    Sanctuary by su2anne

    There is this place deep within
    That seems empty
    Yet contains all…

    15 words
  • Stephen  J. Vattimo

    False Beliefs About Angels That Are Commonly Held. by Stephen J. Va...

    .The biblical true is that Angel are a species or separate creation then humans are.
    So human can never become Angel.

    1640 words
  • George Coombs

    Now by George Coombs

    (For Dad)

    i remember you
    dear dad close
    to nature where
    you blossomed
    in the flower
    of boyhood…
    i know love lay draped
    quietly over your
    family…your voice
    quiet as a slow breeze…
    your mind green
    with natural…

    59 words
  • Sukhwinder Flora

    In my waking life by Sukhwinder Flora

    I’ve hovered above our atmosphere
    Looked down on the earth
    And watched it turn.

    306 words