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Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---


  • juddarwin

    Yes is you! poem, 40. In progress, yes..FINISHED!!! by juddarwin

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    334 words
  • su2anne

    What would you pay... by su2anne

    The dying man begs to be released
    The son refusing turns his back to walk amongst the Fires of the Damned
    The stench of pitch tinged bloody with regret
    He makes a deal with the Devil…

    48 words
  • Charldia

    Rowing the Last Mile by Charldia

    Row, row, row your boat
    Gently down the stream
    But rowing down this River of Life
    Isn’t as easy it seems.…

    There’s been choppy waters
    And the weather’s been rough.
    There’s been shallows and deeps
    Rocky bott

    189 words
  • anaisnais

    Matthew by anaisnais

    … and many tears will fall
    because of our inability
    to tame this monster
    from his rampage
    and prevent him from leaving
    in his unashamed sulk …

    175 words
  • whimsicalworks

    Thank you poem. by whimsicalworks

    and no matter what
    you can’t be without them.
    Thank you,

    31 words
  • su2anne

    Each moment is a gift by su2anne

    She follows the beutific lines of her Beloved
    Lids she’d kissed a thousand times remain closed
    Lips that spoke such sweetness stay shuttered

    93 words
  • su2anne

    Danger time by su2anne

    The believers; sanctimonious,
    Look down upon the rest and pass judgement…
    Yet is this truth?

    18 words
  • su2anne

    A gift for the taking by su2anne

    Her lungs relax giving up life
    Embraced her form slowly descends
    Fingertips trail along the gentle current
    Tiny fish swim between her toes.

    13th Sept 2016

    39 words
  • Vesna ©

    A better way by Vesna ©

    I have walked that path before

    35 words
  • Redviolin

    Spirit Aroused by Redviolin

    What was bitter sweet , is now just sweet,
    swelling my being , spirit aroused once again.

    214 words
  • blarbdenarp

    A letter by blarbdenarp

    Who am I
    Who are you…

    Questions streaming
    From the mouth of
    a neurotic home-less man

    The streets were littered with these somber worries
    as if-
    the world was going to end

    For some, it did
    and their existen

    67 words
  • blarbdenarp

    blur by blarbdenarp

    Reality tends to blur
    The days are riddled with confusion…

    Deep breaths
    Wandering sighs

    How long was I out
    Did I just stop mid-

    Where did all my time go?
    Is it worth living this way?

    Repressing the past a

    56 words
  • su2anne

    Emergence by su2anne

    Gazing at all that is she takes up her tools and begins the Task
    From her core she moulds and shapes…
    Filled by a light that will not be defined; she grows,
    A maelstrom augmented by a hum.

    52 words
  • su2anne

    Her reality by su2anne

    Beset from a pain that will not be denied
    Her loins relinquish her one last hope…
    Stupid stupid stupid is to wish other…
    She the undeserved
    Can have no day
    No night
    No horizon…

    37 words
  • blarbdenarp

    This life is a broker by blarbdenarp

    Better scurry off young one
    Better run to the sun…

    Stomach is sick
    Suicidal thrill
    Chilled drink in hand
    The trigger is close
    But the cooker is broke

    28th street living
    Don’t think the villain is mad
    The vei

    91 words
  • su2anne

    The tie... by su2anne

    The still born child lay at her feet
    A promise broken
    Waters shed from sorrow’s keep
    Cast an echo of its tiny heart…

    51 words
  • su2anne

    Never surrender by su2anne

    The crystal veil is pushed aside
    The soothsayer resides in the space between life and death
    The eternal time is the path he follows
    The demonstration of truth…

    30 words
  • su2anne

    Time does tell... by su2anne

    Eventually great chunks of it start falling
    Shattering any illusion
    Exposed for who he really is
    He falls upon his sword…

    46 words