Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---


  • blarbdenarp

    The Mandela effect by blarbdenarp

    Am I X or Y?
    I remembered it differently
    These events in my mind
    It seems to fluctuate as time rolls by
    Altered ever so slightly
    But I am not alone
    Some don’t quite remember too
    Confabulation …

    122 words
  • juddarwin

    IYes is you! Blue Room poems:.......11;.....12;....13;...... by juddarwin

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    54 words
  • Ian Mooney

    I See You When I Look At The Sky by Ian Mooney

    I see you when I look at the sky
    Because death took you too soon
    So from now on you will be a cloud
    For they are such beautiful things
    And I am not ready to let you go
    So every morning when I walk
    Under th…

    178 words
  • su2anne

    Please elucidate by su2anne

    How do the actions done where a life is taken
    Thought to be steeped in good…

    18 words
  • juddarwin

    Ungracious! ....WRITING IN PROGRESS!!!!ljk, by juddarwin

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    230 words
  • Vesna ©

    Perhaps by Vesna ©

    oh yes!

    I just love the sound of

    35 words
  • Nathan Emery

    Away from my love by Nathan Emery

    Alas, again, I am confined
    the counter that I stand behind
    but there is comfort from inside
    your voice replaying in my mind.

    Thoughts of laying under sheet
    with hand-swept hair and nectar sweet
    that drips…

    77 words
  • Suvi  Mahonen

    Starting A Revolution by Suvi Mahonen

    “My work is about supporting the rise of the feminine so that we all rise as one. It’s about empowering women so we can begin to break the cycle of world poverty,” says yoga coach Mark Breadner.

    1230 words
  • su2anne

    Don’t let go! by su2anne

    There is where exactly…
    Its been so long that she can’t remember
    The horizon named Courage beckons
    Yet this is the forbidden place.

    56 words
  • Vesna ©

    One word by Vesna ©

    Sobriedad, he said.
    What a way to live.

    84 words
  • George Coombs

    The Boy by George Coombs

    The Boy

    late afternoon
    the boy
    looked at
    i saw

    as spring air,
    he paused,
    gazed, was
    one with

    with bird
    song falling
    on ears
    as wise
    drops of

    young child
    walked on…

    56 words
  • George Coombs

    Why Exist? by George Coombs

    Why exist? What is existence anyway?Why am I here? Existence end of existence, thenwhat? The hard questions were constant companions.Looking out across the sea his eyes rested on thedistant and wa…
    371 words
  • blarbdenarp

    Valley of the moon by blarbdenarp

    It does not care
    Nor does it shout
    The time is near
    When all hope is out
    Hold on to all that you hold dear
    Our system slowly fades
    becomes much easier to exhale
    nerve-endings numb
    blood circulation tightens

    67 words
  • George Coombs

    Liverpool by George Coombs

    The real origins of the city of Liverpool are often
    dated from August 28th 1207 when letters patent
    issued by King John which advertised the establishment
    of a new borough of “ Livpul” which invite…

    494 words
  • su2anne

    The hounds do bay by su2anne

    Why do you run so fast?
    I’m trying to escape my fate
    And yet no matter where he flees
    His future seems farther away.

    47 words
  • George Coombs

    For My Brother by George Coombs

    returned to life
    closer than breathing
    free at last,
    end of loneliness
    end of fear
    my brother near …
    walls demolished…
    we were not close
    yet now –peace
    return of years
    locusts eat away


    91 words
  • George Coombs

    Alone Now by George Coombs

    alone now…
    received by wise
    late in the night…
    traffic brushes
    against awareness…
    real peace in truth
    no fear of intrusion…
    safe from unwelcome
    touching this is
    true h…

    51 words
  • blarbdenarp

    Lie by blarbdenarp

    What do they tell you…
    To chase your dreams?
    Attempt to make a difference?
    Stand up for what is right?
    That we are a species out to save each other?
    Did they tell you anything is possible with enoug…

    43 words