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Hall of Famer D R Moore

solareclips~Julie  Alexander solareclips~Ju... 469 posts

Our second Hall of Famer award goes to D R Moore! D R has been a member of RedBubble since June 2008 and is from Jupiter, Florida. Have a look at some of the amazing things he has done!

Click the toolbar, and it will take you right to the download site. I did, and what an awesome tool it is!!!

Here are a few of my fave’s out of D R’s gallery….

Preening Flamingo

Wolf Keep Waterfall

Traveling in Montana

1) What is your favorite medium?

My Favorite Medium is Birds, They have always fascinated me,
and capturing a great image of such a skittish creature gives me a lot of pleasure.

2) What equipment do you use?

Since I’ve converted to Digital from my Film Canon Rebel SII (which I still have and do not use)
I’ve currently got a Kodak Z710 with a built in 38–380 mm (35 mm equiv.) f/2.8–f/3.7 SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH VARIOGON Lens, Hope to upgrade one day very soon.

3) What is your personal best piece that is your own?

My current best (in my opinion) is |Great Blue Heron II|

4) Why is the fuzz on a tennis ball yellow?

The fuzz is yellow so Normal people watching can see it pass by at 90 mph/144 kph

Also, please have a look in the RedBubble tips and tricks section of the forum to see some other amazing things that D R has contributed!!

kimie kimie 97 posts

Utterly deserved and well done. After many failed attempts I read DR,s instructions and managed to make my photo,s clickable, and it was all in laymens terms so easy for me to understand and take in. Well done D R x

C J Lewis C J Lewis 154 posts

All terrific shots … and thanks for the fabulous toolbar … downloaded and it is fantastic. Congratulations on entry to Hall of Famer … well deserved :)

Spiritinme Spiritinme 705 posts

beautiful work and congrats!

Tammera Tammera 1256 posts

Fabulous work…well done love the flamingo…could not take my eyes off of it for awhile….CONGRATULATIONS!!