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I need some no frills honesty

Purplecactus Purplecactus 473 posts

Well maybe a few frills would be ok…

I have a few tee designs now and am starting to find a kind of style that I like. I can’t draw freehand to save my life but have found that with programs like inkscape I can get something that resembles, what is in my head, onto the screen. I try to work on designs with pen and paper but can only produce scribbles really. I am not sure if this is the problem or if there is some secret ingredient that I am missing but I feel that my designs are just not hitting the mark.

I am really enjoying creating and would very much, like to improve. So bearing all this in mind I am hoping that someone out there would take a little peek through my designs and maybe give me some critiques. I am not looking to get loads of comments on my work here, this is a genuine request for help, so if you are up to the task then I would be extraordinarily grateful.

Thanks very much


Small-Lion Small-Lion 20 posts

I think you’re onto a good thing there. Very retro, and your style makes me smile. I’m sorry that I can’t really think of anything critique-y to say, I’m not so great at that… But keep ’em coming, please!

Christine Lake Christine Lake 1017 posts

I think your designs are very tee-shirty, they are good, keep them coming.

Purplecactus Purplecactus 473 posts

Small-Lion – Thanks for the nice comment. I am glad that they make you smile (I must be doing something right) and that you used the word ‘retro’ to describe them. Retro is definitely something I am trying to portray.

Christine – Thanks very much. I am glad you like them

It’s so nice to get some replies and so quickly after I posted the message. Thanks once again

David North David North 39 posts

I like them and dont really see anything to change. I agree with Small-Lion about the retro feel- its very cool. If it aint broke…

Purplecactus Purplecactus 473 posts

Thanks very much octobray, for your kind comment. Maybe I am being too hard on myself, I’m not sure.