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The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---


This challenge closed about 4 years ago.

The Challenge

Yup, the title says it all….. feet. In shoes, bare, in the water, on the shore…..
But PLEASE, just the feet! Oh and they don’t have to be human feet either! ;-)

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for the image you like best

Rewards & Prizes

This challenge is just for fun, but you will still recieve all the glory with a spot on our groups home page!

Additional Information

Have fun, and please abide by the rules of the challenge and our group!


The Top Ten

Comic by VladimirFloyd

Comic by VladimirFloyd was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • Relaxed in the sand by Madeleine Forsberg
  • "If I had my life to live over..." by Segalili
  • The Reality by Pandrot
  • Kinky Boots by Heather Buckley
  • Tales of Lunacy by Fractured Porcelain Photography
  • Life is Better With a Cat by Maria  Gonzalez
  • Soulmates by Jane Brack
  • Bigfoot meets BIG foot by Mui-Ling Teh
  • Perfect 10 by Christine Annas

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