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Freedom to Shine (NO NUDITY)

The desire of this group is to give beginners, amateurs, and professionals a chance to shine side by side; in their own respective art forms! --->TRY CLICKING OUR CATEGORY TABS BELOW TO REFINE YOUR SEARCH<---

Banner challenge for top ten winners

This challenge closed almost 6 years ago.

The Challenge

We are launching a Top Ten Challenge winner banner challenge. (Say that ten times really fast!)

Judging / Voting Criteria

1) the banner must contain the following words:
Top ten challenge winner in FTS
2) Any images on the banner MUST comply with the guidelines set forth in the group rules
3) Your hosts (Julie and Roger) have final say in the winning banner.
4) All top ten and the winning entries will be judged by your hosts for the final winner. Yes that’s right even if you get the most votes from the group you may not win.
5) Have fun!

Rewards & Prizes

You banner on images for months to come! Plus all the fame and glory that comes with a win!
Oh and you even get to do a happy dance!

Additional Information

As always, if an image does not comply with the group rules, or meet the critera set forth in the guidelines here; hosts have the right to remove the image without written warning.


The Top Ten

FTS Top 10 Banner Challenge by Tam  Locke

FTS Top 10 Banner Challenge by Tam Locke was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 7 votes.

  • FTS Banner by blacknight
  • Freedom to Shine group (no need to comment) by Edge-of-dreams
  • FTS banner entry by Erin Hause
  • Banner Top 10 Freedom To Shine Group by Melissa James
  • BANNER ( Freedom To Shine) ... by LESLEY BUtler
  • Freedom To Shine Banner by Rinaldo Di Battista
  • Freedom to Shine Banner by SharonD

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  1. An Image Containing Words

    An Image Containing Words

    Any type of image – photo, painting, digital, drawing, etc… that include words as part of the w…

    Voting ends about 8 hours from now