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Free Spirit

A beautiful HQ photograph (only) gallery of moments - that leaves you with the feeling of being a FREE SPIRIT.

Recent Work

  • YEAH? by Michael Carter
  • Money Spinners by Ben Loveday
  • Still Life with Pebbles and a Feather by Ludwig Wagner
  • TREE ON A GOLDEN HILL by Michael Carter
  • We're off to see the wizard by Thad Zajdowicz
  • Grand Tetons by Thad Zajdowicz
  • THE COTTAGE BY THE SEA by Michael Carter
  • Cape Point Lighthouse, South Africa by Ludwig Wagner
  • The Fanatic by Ben Loveday
  • Badlands National Park by Thad Zajdowicz
  • Sunflowers, Dordogne, France by Ludwig Wagner
  • Liberty by Ludwig Wagner

About This Group

Please note: This is a photography group. Submitted photo manipulations will be removed. A photo manipulation or adding elements to a photo are created scenes. We prefer unmanipulated photos that capture the ambience, emotion, life, essence of the subject, place or moment.

What comes to mind when you hear the words free spirit?… For us it conjures memories and feelings of uninhibited carefree moments. Those times that are filled with light and are created from moments of fun & laughter, love, happiness, a pure sense of freedom and peace within yourself.

We’re building our gallery on those magic moments, times that make you smile – where guards are let down and you capture the essence – sometimes in part, sometimes in whole. When your image expresses a moment where something lightens within you physically, emotionally or even mentally and leaves you with the feeling that comes from peace and freedom. So, what sets your spirit free?

Free Spirit is a photography group. No photo manipulations.
(Please see the group rules as to why photo manipulations will not be accepted).

Recent Challenge: Simple Pleasures
Congratulations to Dārta on receiving the most votes! :)

Please browse the gallery and read the group guidelines before joining the group to see if your style of work will suit Free Spirit.

Thank you for your consideration in joining Free Spirit.
Trudi xx

See the group rules and join this group here

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