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Frame In Frame

Group Rules:

Please stick to the rules. The image must have a frame around it. A door way, a window frame, a cave mouth etc.

A solid frame in the foreground of the image must go around at least 75% of the image.

We want images where nature or man has created a frame for us.

No postcard/picture frame edited images will be allowed. No post edited frames either.

No Nudity or offensive material, this is a nice group for all ages.

Anyone who constantly submits images to the group that do not follow the rules will be BM’d and asked to stop. Anyone repeatedly found doing this after the BM, will be removed without notice. Please don’t make us do this.


If you are still unsure please check out the groups work or BM Tony or myself.

Please play nicely and abide by the RB rules and etiquette.

Any photos that don’t fit into the group will be removed without notice and any photos that don’t follow the group rules will not be accepted!

Most importantly… Have fun and show us your wonderful work!

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