Frame In Frame

This group is all about naturally framed images, NOT a post edited border/Orton Effects/Photoshop. We are looking for a frame, such as a doorway, window, archway..the possibilities are endless

Recent Work

  • The Great Tower #2 by kalaryder
  • The green light.  by Paul Pasco
  • Snowy Shenandoah by James Brotherton
  • Garden Beauty_Adelaide_South Australia_Australia by Kay Cunningham
  • The Clarence by phil decocco
  • Under The Canopy by lezvee
  • Through the Arches by kalaryder
  • City Arch, Verona  by lezvee
  • Castle Arches by kalaryder
  • Koala_Sturt Gorge_South Australia_Australia by Kay Cunningham
  • Adelaide Botanical Gardens_South Australia_Australia by Kay Cunningham
  • Hall of Worlds by John Velocci

About This Group

We often look out of a window at an old castle or out the window where we stay on holiday and think wow!

That’s what this group is all about, seeing what’s out there.

If you can find that perfect view or scene through an old fort doorway or an old castle arch, or a B&B window perhaps?

e.g. If your own front door looks over moorland, we want the door frame and the moorland. Or you may live high up in the city and through your eyes see wonderful vistas, cityscapes and more! In this case a picture through the window frame is what we’re looking for! So click away! And don’t forget it’s what you see through them not the door itself!

Feel free to BubbleMail myself or Tony if you have any questions! we’re happy to help and chat!

Welcome and enjoy your stay!

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