Fractal Universe

This group is about Fractal Artwork and Digital creations( 3 per day)


  • Green Red And Gold by James Brotherton
  • A Fine Assortment of Cheeses by barrowda
  • SUNSHINE by DavidGersten
  • 09-24-16-UF01 by fractalfool
  • Scattered Breaths... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Fall Flurries by LindaPerryMcC
  • Wandering by Rupert Russell
  • Mandelbrot 20160508-001  by Rupert Russell
  • Everybody Conga! by barrowda
  • Into the Eternities by LindaPerryMcC
  • The Way to Neverland by Chazagirl
  • The Daily Planet by barrowda
  • Deco Metro Mirror by Dr-Pen
  • Mandelorb by Rupert Russell
  • Symmetrical Rhythm by LindaPerryMcC
  • Whirlpool by blacknight
  • Regular 2 by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Wonderful to Me! by LindaPerryMcC