Fractal Universe

This group is about Fractal Artwork and Digital creations( 3 per day)


  • tribal wasteland by mechaorganic
  • Subconscious New Growth by Manafold Art
  • APOART by Günter Maria  Knauth
  • FernGarden by Lemarly
  • Red Apoflower by James Brotherton
  • Fractal Space XII by Hugh Fathers
  • Mandelbrot and Captive Spirals by Mark Eggleston
  • Exiled Mandelbrot No. 19 by Mark Eggleston
  • You're a Beautiful Pillar of Strength by barrowda
  • Medium by anna53
  • Fractal Space XI by Hugh Fathers
  • Fractal Voyager I by Hugh Fathers
  • Go with the Flow by walstraasart
  • Deep in Fairy-Tale Forest by Lemarly
  • My Friends by Lemarly
  • Flower Stretch by Pam Amos
  • Orange Slice by Pam Amos
  • FS7/FS4QMIII by Hugh Fathers