It’s a tee. It’s a dress. It’s the new Graphic T-shirt Dress.


for Ts in any design you would wear, if it looks good on a T, this is your group


  • C J Lewis

    Daily Affirmation of Belief by C J Lewis

    Repeat the daily affirmation of belief (below) everyday with faith and belief and it will be so.

    Daily Affirmation of Belief:

    I am surrounded by friends, love, peace, happiness, good health, abundanc…

    39 words
  • Helena Bebirian

    Inspirations of Mary by Helena Bebirian

    Spiritual, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary

    128 words
  • C J Lewis

    Truth vs Religion vs Science by C J Lewis

    All things come for learning throughout eternity at the degree, the level, of the ability of an individual to understand.

    1883 words
  • Helena Bebirian

    Liberty by Helena Bebirian

    Dimension: 11”X14” stretch bar canvas
    Medium: Windsor & Newton Oils


    New Castle, July 4, 1878

    or a hundred years the pulse of time
    Has throbbed for Liberty;
    For a hundred years the grand old…

    472 words
  • wutz4tea

    PC Down by wutz4tea

    I’m using my husband’s laptop today…the power supply box on my pc died. All of my artwork and my programs for making art are on that pc so it might be a while before I put up anythi…

    64 words