Fractal Art Frenzy

Group Rules:

1) only add work which contains at least one true fractal.

2) don’t add more than 1 or 2 pieces per day

3) don’t get upset if your work is removed. We might do that with fractals that we find really too “basic” (i.e. dont just render without much thought the first flame that you randomly generated).

4) There is a limit of 20 works of art, 20 of clothing and 10 journals allowed for each user.

5) If you upload an artwork containing a photo, there should also be an obvious true fractal as part of the artwork. (see rule #1) Photos simply filtered in Photoshop with the Fractalius plug-in are not acceptable and will be removed. We encourage members to experiment with true fractal programs and with combining fractals and other images to create unique works of art!

Note: Although I do accept photos combined with fractals , I draw the line at nudes! This group is about mathematics in visual form, please make sure your image falls in that category, or it will be removed.

Remember all the moderators are volunteers so play nice with them or don’t play.