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Fractal Art Frenzy

Fractal art and fractal mixed media

  • Trees Of 2 Dimensions by James Brotherton
  • Mandelbrot 20161022-001 by Rupert Russell
  • The curtain of night by floatingpilot
  • Colorful And Curly by James Brotherton
  • Apollonian Gasket Julia 001 by Rupert Russell
  • City of Golden Dust by Dr-Pen
  • Alien Architecture by James Brotherton
  • Summer Rain by Chazagirl
  • BLUE-GREEN VORTEX by DavidGersten
  • INSIDE THE WAVE by DavidGersten
  • Fractal, Spirals by Rupert Russell
  • Turning Around by Ralf Kunze
  • Stars motion by Natalia Bykova
  • Mandelbrot 20160508-001  by Rupert Russell
  • Chamber of illusions by floatingpilot
  • Apollonian Gasket Fractal 003 by Rupert Russell
  • Slate Scope by Dr-Pen
  • VIBRANT SPIRAL by DavidGersten