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Recent Work

  • Birth by Margaret Stevens
  • Doodad by Annmarie *
  • Convoluting Joy... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Center Stage by blacknight
  • spring by abeer hassan
  • Egypt in the night by abeer hassan
  • Light, Beauty, Love (Arabic) - pattern by Une-Hirondelle
  • Misty Mountains by Dr-Pen
  • Complexity... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • AH Combo 268 VIII by Hugh Fathers
  • Mistaken desire... by Roz Rayner-Rix
  • Finding Your Soulmate by barrowda

About This Group

Fractal Art is created by calculating fractal objects and representing the calculation results as still images, animations, music, or other media. Fractal art is usually created indirectly with the assistance of a computer, iterating through three phases: setting parameters of appropriate fractal software, executing the possibly lengthy calculation and evaluating the product.

Fractal objects fall into four main categories depending on how an artist can manipulate their construction and rendering to exercise artistic control over the resulting fractal art:

Design relies on simple geometry (angles and lengths) and being able to predict the shapes resulting from a rule system, and the possibility of fast or real-time previews of the result greatly facilitates small adjustments of sizes, angles and probabilities.
Please do not submit Glittery or sparkle Fractals

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