For the love of type

This group requires a hosting team. If you are interested in hosting this group, you can find out more here:


  • bitter blackness by Steve Leadbeater
  • Plastic People Everywhere! by TheMaker
  • Island Blues by Fiona Christensen
  • ART as a "F" word by James Lewis Hamilton
  • BOOM! by TheMaker
  • Bad Language by TheMaker
  • fakeboobs by Octochimp Designs
  • The opponents of every project. by Steve Leadbeater
  • L O V E L Y by Fiona Christensen
  • Thank a teacher by Jayson Gaskell
  • keep it green forever by redboy
  • Melbourne Museum of Printing by Steve Leadbeater
  • The Stu Show! by Sam Dantone
  • Get fresh... by buyart
  • Change daily... by buyart
  • Team Constance! by incurablehippie
  • ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (black) by TheLoveShop
  • bookworm by sjaros