For the love of type

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Typo Challenge Winner!

Andrew Gordon Andrew Gordon 612 posts

I dont mean to sound like a bad looser…but
The challenge was pretty simple and there was only 1 rule!
The winner (the most popular) didn’t even use the word “Typography”

The Challenge
This challenge is to create a piece of art with the word ‘Typography’. The main focus should be on the type with images used only in support. Have some fun and good luck

please explain!

hmx23 hmx23 4 posts

… I think there needs to be more challanges. I joined the group.. after (maybe a year or so after the challange..) i’m always looking for them.. lately i been craving to do something with typography.. so if there could be another typo .. challange. i would love it so i could enter..!!

Please and Tahnk You!