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A Celebration of all our wonderful Teddy Bears & all Toys.

*Results of Challenge "Ted's Best Friend" 25/5/2012 - For the Love of Teddy Bears*

EdsMum EdsMum 14409 posts

This certainly took off with some super entries and fantastic voting, Ted was more than pleased that he is so popular, so please go by and congratulate the artists on their lovely work.

Proud to present Waxyfrog and her gorgeous entry:

Congratulations Barb

Best Friends
by waxyfrog
11 votes

Well done to Top Ten

Tangled Up in Blue
by Susie Peek-Swint
8 votes

Henry Bear & Friend
by BirgitHM
8 votes

Teddy With His Old Pal Rufus Enjoying Some Sunshine
by lynn carter
7 votes

Teddy Bear Whispers
by Astrid Ewing Photography
7 votes

Can you play cards?
by ulryka
6 votes

by kostolany244
5 votes

Ready to play
by Ana Belaj
5 votes

Wacky Quacker
by Sammy Nuttall
4 votes

by Lenora Brown
4 votes

Wonderful challenge and many thanks to all, have a beautiful day everyone..Shirley

AuntDot AuntDot 5606 posts

Congratulations to Barb for the win and to the top ten artists as well. Fun shots!

Susie Peek Susie Peek 1164 posts

Many congrats to Barb for such an endearing image .. congrats to the top ten ~ cheers to whoever cast a vote my way :)

Sammy Nuttall Sammy Nuttall 81 posts

Congrats All & thanks for the smiley images! :)

EdsMum EdsMum 14409 posts

Thank you Dot. Susie & Sammy. for your continued support. Shirley

waxyfrog waxyfrog 525 posts

Thank you so much for all of the votes says Ted. :o) and Congratulations to everyone else.

EdsMum EdsMum 14409 posts

thanks Barb for coming by. Shirley