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A love of CANON - Show Full Camera details (2 Images per day) or be deleted

Group Rules:

All submitted works MUST include CANON details, (including make and model i.e. Canon 500D not just Canon DSLR) failure to do so will result in image being rejected. These details MUST appear in the top 1/3 of the description. If we need to open the description box the image will be rejected.
No more than 2 images per 24 hour Period, ALL images will be rejected if more than the stated 2 per 24 hour are submitted.
No snapshots allowed, any submitted will be rejected
Continuous Abuse of the daily limit or excessive submittals within a 24 hour period will result in you being removed from the group.
Rules breakers will NOT be eligible for challenges, Features and Voucher Challenges.
Please abide by RB rules regarding subject matter
Images and works likely to cause offense will be rejected
Use of other peoples work will not be tolerated and result in you being removed from the group