Group Rules:

Photography – has to have good composition and focus No snap shots please.
We are here to showcase your most excellent photography only.
Photography is all we will accept:
No overly-photo shopped images please. Natural lighting.

All images will be monitored for composition. (No snap shots please) We are looking for the photographer who takes time to set up his/her image.
Framing, lighting, focus, DOF, etc.
We are looking for excellent quality.

We are looking for images that have wonderful subjects.
Please do not upload more than one of any picture subject at a time. If you have several of the same subject which you would like to show please put in only your best one and then, maybe, one some weeks later.

We will not accept nudes except for statues and sculptures, the hosts will decide when monitoring.
Anything which needs a mature filter is not welcome in this group and will be rejected immediately.
We do not accept any spiders, thank you.
We do not accept any other medium – only photography.
No collages or wording on any photograph.