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Results for the Food & Drink of Love Challenge - 14/02/2014

v-something v-something 772 posts

We have a Winner in the Food & Drink of Love Challenge

Congratulations to Michelle McMahon for her winning image Chocolate Hearts

chocolate hearts..
by Michelle McMahon
– 9 votes

Congratulations to our Top Ten

Chocolate Cupcake
by debidabble
– 5 votes

Happy Birthday to Me
by John Velocci
– 4 votes

A Big Red Cake
by Anne Gilbert
– 4 votes

Milk Chocolate Assortment
by AnnDixon
– 4 votes

I'ts 5:00 somehwere
by KSKphotography
– 3 votes

Coffee to share with your Love
by EdsMum
– 3 votes

by bubblehex08
– 3 votes

Valentines Candy
by WildestArt
– 2 votes

Still Life On Sicilian Cart
by TonyCrehan
– 2 votes

jeanlphotos jeanlphotos 8923 posts

Wonderful images..Congrats to all.Happy Valentines’ Day♥

Michelle McMahon Michelle McMahon 19 posts

thanks so much everyone.. some wonderful images for valentines day x

Photography  by Mathilde Photography b... 2899 posts

Congratulations – really delicious images everyone – Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

EdsMum EdsMum 17472 posts

Lovely work by everyone – Shirley