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Features - 10/4/2013 - Food For Thought

v-something v-something 777 posts

Hope you enjoy today’s selection of gorgeous foods balanced with some stunning fruit and vegetables.
Congratulations to our featured artists!!!

Marzipan Dolci
by phil decocco

by Sheri Bawtinheimer

frosted petit four
by Karen E Camilleri

by Thomas Barker

175/365 kitchen joy
by LouJay

Gimme the Rose!
by vigor

Tomato on Celery
by aprilann

Shrimp Skillet
by Mikell Herrick

Not Quite Ready
by Carol Field

From Below
by Marian Grayson

Fresh Salmon Salad
by Ari Salmela

Sunny Side Up
by jedesigns

vigor vigor 10236 posts

This is one delicious page! Congrats to everyone and thank you for featuring mine as well!!!

aprilann aprilann 2827 posts

Beautiful features. Thanks for including mine.

phil decocco phil decocco 707 posts

lotsa calories just looking at these great images!! Kudos to the artists! Well done!

Ari Salmela Ari Salmela 16 posts

Beautiful images. Thank you so much for including mine.

m E Grayson m E Grayson 24 posts

Thanks for including me in this delicious company

Carol Field Carol Field 27 posts

After looking at all this food i simply can not make up my mind on what to have for dinner :) congrats all

Karen E Camilleri Karen E Camilleri 166 posts

All very yummy, Congratulations to all featured !!

Sheri Bawtinheimer Sheri Bawtinhe... 380 posts

Thank you for the feature among such delicious images!
Wonderful!!! Congrats to all!!

EdsMum EdsMum 18608 posts

All look so yummy. well chosen Vicki and congratulations to all the featured artists*….Shirley

v-something v-something 777 posts

What a wonderful turnout – thank you to everyone who came by and commented :)

LouJay LouJay 656 posts

How wonderful to be part of such great and delicious company! Thank you!

v-something v-something 777 posts

Thank you for popping by and commenting LouJay :)